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Note! On the moment this text may have lot of grammatic mistakes, but it will be fixed up so soon as possible!

Roolikellari website is offering material for free non-commercial use for internet role games, websites and so on. Only registerated animal protection organisations may use the material for commercial use, if 100% from the product price goes for helping animals in leagal ways.

If using photos from this website, you must save the text "" in photos OR link the site.

If you have anything to ask, please write to Questbook ("Vieraskirja"), but please, just English or Finnish that I can understand! :)


These rules are created for:

a) That visitors of your website can know, from where the pictures of your site are copied.

b) That I get something back for my work, like appreciation for it and new visitors to Roolikellari.


Attention, dear webmasters of copying pages!

You can take material from Roolikellari to your copying page for free copy, if

a) you do not give them for commercial use


b) you tell, from where they are if asked and do not lie that you made them yourself.

I would really appreciate, if you would put thank you picture to your site and put link to Roolikellari! (It's not mandatory with using drawings from here. But with photos you must show they are from here.)



(Drawings you can use free without linking, becouse from the drawing style can saw in the end, who have made them. Still you cannot use drawings either to make money!)

Using the photos of Roolikellari in copying pages

- In orginal photos must keep the text

- If you edit the photo that text doesn't  stay there anymore, you must some how show that your photos are from here - and so do the sites which are copying my photos from your site!

- Make sure that if you give for copy the photos from this website, your copiers will also link the website with Thank you -banner if -text doesn't stay in photos.

- It's good to tell your copiers that if they like to use Roolikellaris photos without linking or webaddressmarking, they must buy the right to do that with 5 euro from the adminstrator of Roolikellari and using the photos without linking/addressmarking it might be a police case...



Do you want to buy the right to use my photos without linking?

Good. That costs 10 euros for copying page, 5 euros for private person. If so, put e-mail to affaokami (at) and we make a deal about it. For those, who has buy the using right, I shall skan my hand-written and signed using right certificate, what the owner of the using right must put to her/his website. I do also make a list from websites who has really buy the right, to avoid misunderstandings.

(This system is made to keep Roolikellari some justice. If someone brokes the rules it will be looked as econimic disatvantage to me and environmentals can react it better than to normal free internet photos stoling cases. So I beg you to follow these rules.)


The listing of sites who have buy the right ( 0 permissions)



The commercial use of pictures

- It is not allowed to use any pictures from this website to commercial use, to get money or money valuable things.

- Special permission for this is to registerated organisatios for animal protection.

- Normal I do not cell the right to commercial use for my pictures or photos, but if you would be interested, please, contact me with e-mail and we can discuss about it.



Thanks from reading!

All the photos in Roolikellari and most of the drawings I have made myself. (These human drawings and these dogs are presented by other people, so any deal about commercial use do not include them or any other material what is precented to me. They are for free non-commercial use only.)

If possible, don't hot link photos: save them first to your own computer and upload them to internet. Then they are working better. ;)



Here is photos:

Than you -banners



Other animals



And here you find drawings:



(KOIRAT = dogs, SUDET = wolwes, SEKALAISET = mixed)




Other things:

Website code (quiding in Finnish only, sorry)

Lineart drawings for coloring self

Quest book

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